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Good News! 3nh 20th anniversary celebration

Shenzhen 3nh Technology Co.,Ltd is begin at the year 1998, so in this year 2018, we already have 20 years experience in the color analysis feild. 


At the very biginning, we are an small trading company for Konica Minolta, BYK, X-rite's machine,we are also the distributor for Verivide Color Assessment Cabinet. And gradually, we found that on the one hand,most of our customer in China did not have much budget for those color measuring machine, not only for the color assessment cabinet, but also for the colorimeter and gloss meter; on the other hand, for sold those kinds of machine, we can not got much profits also.


Then our boss Mr.Su thought why we can not made those machine by ourself, then on the later of the year 1998, the first color assessment cabinet with brand "TILO" on the market, with much lower price and some function, more and more company(even a small firm) in China have the ability to bought quality control color light box. Gradually, some of our neighbor countries noticed that we offer such kinds of cheap color light box, then we have some partner since the year 2000.


In the year 2012, with 5 years hard working on the machine colorimeter, the first colorimeter on market in this year, for colorimeter, our brand is "3nh", from the year of 2012, we have partners around the world.


And the year 2012 is very important for Shenzhen 3nh Technology Co.,Ltd, since from then, every year, a new product will be on market, and more and more customer know our brand and our company.


2018 is the 20th year for our company, our desktop spectrophpotometer will be on market this year.


Since 2018 is the special year for the company, it means the compant become more and more mature, so there are also many discount for our old or new customers and partner.


So if your are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact me for the further discussion. 

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